Environment and Sustainability

Showcleaners is a company that is passionate about environmental sustainability. In addition to taking our environmental responsibilities very seriously, we aim to be a force for positive change in the events industry.

Segregated Waste Streams

More waste streams means less waste going to landfill.


Showcleaners now offer customers a soft plastics waste stream in addition to food organic, paper and cardboard, co-mingled recycling and general waste streams.

Waste Stream Infrastructure

Showcleaners is an industry leader in the adoption of and promotion of environmentally friendly practices. We actively seek innovations that lead to a reduction in waste. Showcleaners is proud of its contribution to environmental sustainability.

Showcleaners' waste management strategy is guided by the internationally recognised Waste Management Hierarchy.  

Waste Management Hierarchy


Showcleaners encourages the use of waste material that can be reused after its initial use.


At Showcleaners we advise and assist our clients and other contractors to develop strategies and policies that help to avoid the creation of waste and minimise the amount of non-recyclable waste material entering a venue.


Showcleaners maximises recycling at the events and venues we service through the use of colour-coded recycling bins, placed at strategic locations both inside and outside of venues. In addition, recycling facilities and infrastructure is made available to clients.


As part of our ongoing waste management policy, Showcleaners endeavours to educate our clients, other contractors and the general public about the ways in which they can help to reduce waste and contribute positively to the state of the environment.